Jiu Jitsu Programs

littles ages 4-7  /  YOUTH age 7-14  /  teens   /  adults   /  women

Dojo was created SPECIFICALLY for children and youth. At Dojo, we center and prioritize your child’s learning, growth, and training.  We understand your schedule is very busy, and every minute counts, so we offer up to four children’s classes DAILY.  As a parent, you will not need to worry about adult classes interfering with your child’s schedule, random adults mixing with your child, or the combat-mentality of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors creating a mixed message for your child.

At DOJO, we understand children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally at different rates. With that knowledge, we have created a series of age-specific Jiu Jitsu classes that recognizes the abilities of each age group while also challenging them with appropriate expectations.

All Dojo classes will share two key components:

  • A 7:1 ratio of students to adult instructors

  • All instructors have been specifically trained to instruct children and adults by Master Leo Vieira.



The LITTLES Program introduces children to the “gentle art” of Jiu Jitsu. Students learn the basic positions and techniques of Jiu Jitsu including the guard, mount, and hip escape.

In this age group, the emphasis is on developing listening skills, gross motor skills, balance, and respect for instructors and classmates. Students are encouraged to make friends, have fun through Jiu Jitsu influenced games, and grow their passion for the art and sport of Jiu Jitsu.


Our YOUTH Program builds upon the foundational skills learned in our LITTLES Program.

In addition to basic Jiu Jitsu positions, students learn side control, back control, and more importantly, escapes and reversals. Students are introduced to basic submissions such as arm locks.

In this age group, students develop left & right symmetry, gross and fine motor skills, flexibility, and fundamental Jiu Jitsu and self-defense strategy. Students continue their social development, have fun playing Jiu Jitsu-related games, and learn basic physical fitness.

As Students become more experienced, they learn more advanced submissions, self-defense and anti-bullying (including proper verbal self-defense, avoidance, and de-escalation) techniques. Submissions include the triangle submission, kimuras, and chokes.  Students will continue to refine their techniques, working on subtle fine motor skills, body awareness, weight distribution, and breath control.


The TEENS Program is refined for students in their mid to late adolescent years. Students in this age group, for all intents and purposes, train Jiu Jitsu as young adults with the accompanying expectations and responsibilities. Students train judo and wrestling takedowns and takedown defense (excellent for self-defense skills), attaining and maintaining positional control, and advanced arm locks, shoulder locks, and shime-waza (chokes).  TEENS begin to develop “a game” or personal Jiu Jitsu style that is encouraged, advanced, and customized by Dojo instructors. They also work on match strategy, submission set ups and traps, and speed and strength training. A major emphasis is placed on kinesthetic awareness, tactile sensitivity, and the use of body leverage.


This program will teach the basics of Jiu Jitsu and self-defense and is open to everyone: from the parent who has never practiced martial arts but always wanted to learn to the experienced adult who has trained in the striking and grappling arts. In fact, we especially encourage parents who have never trained martial arts before or who are looking into getting back into shape because we know the benefits of training first-hand. In fact, we are busy Seal Beach parents ourselves!

In addition to gaining the physical benefits of BJJ training—such as weight loss, stress reduction, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and Body-Mass Index—we hope to build a fun and supportive community of local parents who are invested in the healthy development of their children, their families, and themselves.

The Women Only Jiu Jitsu class is led by World Champion Black Belt, Pati Fontes.  Women receive instruction on self-defense techniques and sport Jiu Jitsu training.