Our KIDS ANTI-BULLY TECHNIQUES Class focuses solely on real life bullying situations and how to react responsibly in those situations.

Program Emphasis:

  • Prepare students to deter a bully or an aggressor by using non-contact techniques.  These non-contact techniques allow the person being bullied to show self-confidence and strength without resorting to any physical contact.  Instructor emphasize the importance of being direct in communication, making eye-contact, and staying calm in times of being bullied.  
  • We explain that bullying occurs in many different ways (Verbal, Social, and Physical).  Understanding the different types of bullying, allows students to become aware of when it occurs and how to act even if it is not happening directly to them. 
  • In the situation when a bully becomes physical, Instructors prepare students physically by teaching them Jiu Jitsu concepts and techniques like how to control distance, break grips on the hands and around the body, how to properly fall to the ground, and how to properly stand back up without becoming vulnerable.