ADULT fundamentals

Our Adult Fundamentals Program is the perfect way to get introduced to Jiu Jitsu basics.  

This program will teach the basics of Jiu Jitsu and self-defense and is open to everyone: from the parent who has never practiced martial arts but always wanted to learn to the experienced adult who has trained in the striking and grappling arts. In fact, we especially encourage parents who have never trained martial arts before or who are looking into getting back into shape because we know the benefits of training first-hand.

In fact, we are busy Seal Beach parents ourselves!

Program Emphasis:

  • Introduce the fundamental positions of Jiu Jitsu - Stand-up, Guard, Side Control, Mount Control, & Back Control to Students in a fun and healthy learning environment

  • Students will be taught basic, but important Jiu Jitsu movements that are vital to the development of a Student's foundation and understanding of technique. 

  • Build a fun and supportive community of local parents and adults who are invested in the healthy development of their children, their families, and themselves.

  • Gain the physical benefits of Jiu Jitsu training—such as weight loss, stress reduction, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and Body-Mass Index.