Frequently Asked Questions About Jiu Jitsu and DOJO


•How does Jiu Jitsu differ from other martial arts like Karate or taekwondo?

While many other martial art disciplines rely on strikes -punches and kicks- to defend or advance position, Jiu Jitsu utilizes grappling techniques to control an aggressor or opponent.  Specifically, Jiu Jitsu teaches the student to be conscious of distance and shows students how to create or close distance in order to gain an advantageous position to defend oneself.  By teaching students how to use leverage and body position, Jiu Jitsu is able to be widely adapted to people of all body types.  


Is learning Jiu Jitsu safe?

Safety is always a priority of our Instructors when they lead class at DOJO.  While all physical activities come with their inherent risk of injury


What’s the best age to begin learning Jiu Jitsu?


What are some specific goals and benefits for children who learn Jiu Jitsu at DOJO?


Is there a story why Leo, Frank and Alvin opened DOJO in Seal Beach?


Are most of your students from Seal Beach?


How is DOJO different than other Jiu Jitsu Schools?

Treat everyone like family. Community based.  Lifestyle vs competition based program.


How are students promoted in Jiu Jitsu?